Penn State Did What??!!

In yesterday’s post about the Week 7 College Football attendance, I chose not to congratulate Penn State on the honor of having the highest home attendance for the week.  This wasn’t easy by any means, as Penn State has a rich tradition and history and has what some people call the greatest student section in the country.  Take a look at some of the pictures I’ve posted from their top-notch white-out games.  It is very clear that those fans mean business, which is why I need to clarify that I’m not disappointed with Penn State fans…I’m disappointed with the Penn State administration.

If you follow Penn State football you probably know what I’m talking about.  Penn State banned tailgating this past weekend.  Let me repeat:  Penn State banned tailgating.  I understand that there was heavy snowfall and that some of the parking lots were closed, but that shouldn’t ban any rabid fan from participating in his pre-game ritual.  We here at That Fan are disappointed at Penn State, because not only does that fan base deserve better, but it was Homecoming weekend!

Note to all schools:  That Fan will not stand for any banning or canceling of a game day tailgate, no matter the weather.  If there are any Penn State fans out there willing to share their opinion (i.e., they should/shouldn’t have canceled, and why) please leave a comment so the rest of That Fan Nation knows how to view the Penn State administration.

A little snow never hurt anyone...

A little snow never hurt anyone...


5 Responses to Penn State Did What??!!

  1. That’s weird that they banned tailgating. It shouldn’t matter unless they are putting someone in danger or something like that.

  2. Tailgating was not banned, some of the grasslots were closed because of the weather, but the regular parking lots were still kicking, trust me, i was there.

  3. Chris says:

    Tailgating was banned in the grass lots because the mud created by the melting snow would not allow cars to drive, frankly. Many (including myself) had to park in the lots at the local Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and etc. The tailgating was still kicking, just as Penn State is known for 😉

  4. thatfan says:

    Thanks for the update…I had hoped I was reading incorrect information and it seems that was the case…hoping to make it to a Penn State tailgate soon!

  5. […] the fanbase with the top attendance, but since Michigan lost to Penn State, and because I was a little harsh on Penn State last week, I will provide a public apology to the Nittany Lion family through the […]

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