Best ESPN College GameDay Signs (11/21/09)

This week’s edition of ESPN College GameDay was in Tucson for the Arizona/Oregon game, and although they had a great crowd, I don’t know that any crowd the rest of the year will top TCU from last week.  This was the first time GameDay visited Arizona, and the sixth week in a row that the show has been in the western half of the country.

A few observations from this week:  1) The guest picker was Arizona alum and Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard (yes, she picked AZ)  2)  Jenn Brown was back yet again with an interview with Jim Harbaugh.  3)  The Washington State flags made it once again, which makes this the 88th straight broadcast they have been present.  This time there were actually three flags rather than the usual two.  You can find more details on this tradition HERE.

Now let’s move onto the best signs of the day.  With Arizona playing Oregon there was obviously a lot of duck humor.  Countless Duck Hunt signs, ‘I’m eating Duck for Thanksgiving’, etc., but I only posted a few because if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all:

Quick back-story on this sign…the Arizona Wildcat mascot (Wilbur) used to have a gun in a holster, and the University banned this a few years ago:

"Give Wilbur his guns's duck season"

One of the main things I was looking forward to was seeing the plethora of LeGarrette Blount signs:

"LeGarrette Blount you SOCK"

"Arizona Smoking Blounts"

"E.S.P.N. - Who is LeGarrette Sucker Punching Next?

As always, my personal favorites are signs that deal with the GameDay crew, and Corso always seems to get the most attention:

"Lee Corso is Hot!"

Just in case your clueless on this one:

"Corso goosed me"

"Corso is still a penis"

Lee “Darth Vader” Corso is Mike Stoops’ dad?:

"Stoops, I am your father" with a Corso head on Darth Vader's body

"Lee will you be my Grandpa"

"Herbstreit is prettier than ASU girls"

As shown in the sign above, even though Zona isn’t playing Arizona State, it’s never a bad time to make fun of your rival.  I didn’t know it but I guess Arizona State students need Hooked on Phonics:

"If you can read this sign you don't go to ASU"

"ASU students can't read this sign"

Obviously there needs to be references to “Quack” [Crack]:

"Quack is wack!"

"Don't do quack"

"Say no to quack!"

More random Arizona fans talking smack to Oregon:

"Oregon? More like Boregon!"

"I'd rather have the swine flu than go to Oregon"

"Tucson: Where ducks come to die"

"Next week...Thanksgiving. This week...SPANKSgiving."

Will making fun of Kanye for his VMAs incident ever get old?

"Yo Ducks, I'm really happy for you Imma let you finish but Arizona has the best team of all-time"

In case you didn’t already know, it is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon (yes, I’m serious, look it up):

"We pump our own gas"

I couldn’t get a shot of the full sign, but I had to post this one anyway.  In case you didn’t know, Oregon never wears the same uniform combo in the same season:

"Oregon has a bigger wardrobe than Paris Hilton"

Is “Duck” now being considered as a curse word?

"Duck Oregon"

I couldn’t get  a full shot of this one either, but this was definitely one of the better signs of the week so I’m posting what I got:

"Can't spell _umb F____ without Ducks!"

"Phuck the ducks"

Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli should be scared to play this week after these signs…Arizona has injured Oregon’s QB the past couple times they’ve played in Tucson:

"2005, Kellen Clemens, broken ankle. 2007, Dixon, torn ACL. 2009, Masoli, you're next"

"2005, Kellen Clemens, Check. 2007, Dennis Dixon, Check. 2009, Jeremiah Masoli, You're next"

Is Jeremiah Masoli a gay fish?  Hmmm, learn something new every day I guess.  [See Urban Dictionary post for insight]:

"Masoli likes fishsticks"

Even the Arizona fans like to make fun of their own QB’s hair:

"Foles' hair throws TDs"

YouTube “Flowbee Haircut” if you don’t get this one:

"Nick needs a flowbee"

Anytime someone shows love to Chad Ochocinco, I’ve got to post them:

"Child Please"

Don’t we all…

"All I want for Christmas is a BCS playoff"

A Louisville fan made the trip to protest head coach Steve Kragthorpe…check out the website

"Free Louisville, Bag Krag"

Have you heard about all the former players complaining about the Kansas coach being too abusive?:

"Mangino doesn't abuse 'em, he eats 'em"

Last but not least, the best of the rest:

"Hey mom, I may be failing college but at least I'm on ESPN GameDay"

"Don't Hassle the Hoff!!"

"SEC out-of-conference easy a caveman could do it"

Another brilliant performance by Lee Corso at the end:

That’s all the signs for this week, be sure to check back in the next couple days for the poll to vote for your favorite sign of the week.  I’ll put together a survey at the end of the year for people to select the  best sign of the year.  If you didn’t vote for last week’s sign yet, you can do so HERE.


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