Penn State White-out Controversy

November 4, 2009

This weekend Big Ten rivals Penn State and Ohio State lock up in Happy Valley, and this game will be another installment of the Penn State white-out game.  The white t-shirts that have been chosen as the “official” design however, have apparently caused quite an uproar.  The shirt, shown below, has a blue stripe down the middle which correpsonds with the PSU helmets, yet some insist it looks too much like a cross.  That Fan’s response:  blah blah blah. 


Now, I understand that some people are refusing to wear it, and that is why you have this tremendous alternative (and one that I like even better than the “official” shirt), the “Terrelle Cryer” shirt (aptly named after Pryor was seen crying after his sub-par performance in the loss to Penn State last year). 


Now this is my kind of white-out shirt...

Penn State is known to have the best white-out every year, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on TV.  If you will be at the game, take pictures and send them to us (  White-out games haven’t gone so well this year as you can see from the study I’m doing, and don’t forget, Penn State lost a white-out game to Iowa earlier this year.  To all my Penn State fans out there reading:  what are your thoughts???


Reader Picture Submission: “T-Bone Me”

October 21, 2009

One of my favorite parts of this blog is the interaction with readers, and part of this is getting pictures of random fandom (hmm…kinda catchy, I might use that later).  Jason from Kentucky sent this masterpiece of a Florida fan who obviously loves getting attention.  Thanks Jason!  I believe the front says “T-Bone Me”, although her hair is covering up the “T-” so it just says “Bone Me”.  Think she did it on purpose?  My money is on yes.

T-Bone Me...Just Not In The End Zone

T-Bone Me...Just Not In The End Zone

Is it just me or is the lady in the blue dress to the left on the picture on the right a little jealous of the attention that she isn’t getting?

Readers:  I love getting pictures from you guys!  Send any pictures of interesting/hot/crazy/insane fans to: and I will post for all to see!