Best Fantasy Gameday Sign So Far

November 13, 2009

I have been letting the Fantasy Gameday Signs roll in before I posted a group of them, but this one was too good to hold back from everyone.  Blog reader Nate sent this in today and I think I almost ruined my keyboard after spitting my drink everywhere.  If you don’t recall, Lane Kiffin told a recruit that if he signed with South Carolina, he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life.


To learn more about the Fantasy Gameday Sign contest, click HERE.  Send a great sign and I’ll post it!


Reader Submissions (Nike Shocker/FSU/Jenn Brown)

November 3, 2009

Reader Submissions is something I’d  like to do a few times a week where I share pictures that blog readers have sent in for me to share with everyone.  I am not biased so if you have a picture that you think is cool, chances are I will as well, and then I’ll post it.  What am I looking for?  Pictures of crazy fans, sexy female sports fans, funny shirts, funny signs, cheerleaders, etc.  What are you waiting for?  Send pictures to:

Our first picture of the day comes from Jeremy in Oregon, who just so happens to be the same fan I pointed out that was throwing the shocker behind Lee Corso as he hopped on the motorcycle at Gameday (click here for the video).  Jeremy found That Fan and was also kind enough to send this beauty of a Kodak moment of him throwing the shocker up with Nike founder Phil Knight.  I prefer to call this one the Nike Shocker…Great work Jeremy!


The Shocker: Just Do It!

The next picture comes from Danny in Cincinnati, and is his version of this week’s “Our Cheerleaders are Hotter”.  He apparently is a Florida State fan, and although they may be having some issues with their head coach, they don’t look to be having any issues with their cheerleaders.


Our Cheerleaders are Hotter - FSU Style

The last picture of the day comes from Nate in Louisville, and is actually a picture I’ve been meaning to get around to posting anyway, so a big thanks to Nate for reminding me.  What would a day at That Fan be like without some Jenn Brown?  Dull.  Very dull.  With no further delay, I give you Jenn Brown’s Halloween costume from this year:


Ten yards is worth a holding penalty if you ask me...

Reader Picture Submission: “T-Bone Me”

October 21, 2009

One of my favorite parts of this blog is the interaction with readers, and part of this is getting pictures of random fandom (hmm…kinda catchy, I might use that later).  Jason from Kentucky sent this masterpiece of a Florida fan who obviously loves getting attention.  Thanks Jason!  I believe the front says “T-Bone Me”, although her hair is covering up the “T-” so it just says “Bone Me”.  Think she did it on purpose?  My money is on yes.

T-Bone Me...Just Not In The End Zone

T-Bone Me...Just Not In The End Zone

Is it just me or is the lady in the blue dress to the left on the picture on the right a little jealous of the attention that she isn’t getting?

Readers:  I love getting pictures from you guys!  Send any pictures of interesting/hot/crazy/insane fans to: and I will post for all to see!