Are You That Fan?

October 6, 2009

Have you ever been to a sporting event and seen a fan so decked out from head to toe in his team’s colors, and just thought: “Wow, that guy/girl is awesome!”?  Better yet, were you that fan?  If so, this website is exactly for you.

You see, I am that fan.  I bleed my team’s colors.  I am a stat nerd.  I know what it is like to sulk the whole week following a big football loss during the weekend’s big game.  If I am starting to describe you, then you know you are in the right spot.

This site will be about sport fans, but we aren’t going to do recaps of games or discuss the big plays (at least, not yet).  We are going to get into a different side of sports and sports fanatics like you and me.  I will introduce you to all the other self-proclaimed world’s biggest fans out there, and I’ll let them prove it to you.

The other side of this site will be for the fans who are more than just casual fans, and like to know more than just casual knowledge of sports.  Have you ever wondered if waving your arms behind the basket while an opposing basketball player shoots his free throws really impacts his shot?  Maybe you’ve taken it a step further like the infamous Speedo guy at Duke:

Ever wonder if making the loudest noise you can imagine on your opponents third down really makes it difficult to hear in the huddle, leading to botched plays?  Wonder who has the hottest cheerleaders?  The best tailgate parties?  If these are the types of things that interest you, please sit back and enjoy the ride, because my goal is to make this such a place where we can all come to brag about how big of a fan we are, and also learn the little nuances that will make us even better fans.

Drop me an email with any comments or ideas anytime, I’d love to hear from my fellow fanatics!