Fair Weather Fans (We Don’t Like ’em!)

November 6, 2009

*Editor’s note:  Special thanks to Jason in Louisville for this guest article on Fair Weather Fans…he hit the nail on the head.  If anyone else has interest in writing guest articles on a fan-related topic, email me at info@thatfan.com!  

We’re all familiar with them and every city has them… under most scenarios, you may refer to them as your co-workers, neighbors, or even, God help you, your relatives.  They are the Fair Weather Fans.

The term fair weather fan is derivative from the saying to have a fair weathered friend; a friend who is only a friend when circumstances are pleasant or profitable. At the first sign of trouble, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you.

 With regards to being a die-hard fan, as Vince Vaughn would say:  Rule #76, No excuses. Play like a champion.


This guy is no fair-weather fan...trust me.

 November is the time in the NFL season where the Fair Weather Fan bug seems to become contagious.  At this point in the season, you have a pretty good idea whether or not your team has a shot at the playoffs, and if not, the fair weather fan debates one of three options.

a.)    Attend the game until my team begins losing and head for the exits

b.)    Give the tickets away to another less fortunate fan

c.)    Let the tickets gather dust while the fair weather fan starches his underwear and searches for a new team to bandwagon

It’s no coincidence that attendance records are set during seasons of success; but That Fan only endorses those fans that will be in the stadium getting rowdy as hell no matter the record.

 When looking at the NFL attendance numbers for the past few years, it’s easy to notice that three of the bottom four teams are Oakland, Detroit and St. Louis.  All of which have been bad, and I mean really bad for the past few years.  However, it garners noticing that while the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins have not enjoyed their share of wins in recent years, they still manage to average 70,000 and 85,000 fans respectively at home games.  But the worst NFL team in home attendance is Jacksonville?  As Keyshawn Johnson would say… C’Mon Man… However, I sense there are more problems with that fan base than fair weather fans in Jacksonville.

 That Fan would like to challenge the fans of the Tennessee Titans.


At least these guys are at the game...

 The Titans have been #13 in NFL attendance for the past 5 years, however this year they are enduring a surprisingly poor season sharing the worst record in the AFC.  My challenge to you Tennesee Titans fans, is to not let that attendance mark fall below #13 this year.  Nashville is one of my most favorite cities in the country, and with super talents such as in MoJoDrew, Justin Gage and that $58 million dollar quarterback you have in Vince Young, things could potentially turn around quickly.


Wanted: true fans that don't leave at halftime