Saturday Morning Link Dump…Check ’em Out

November 14, 2009

Just a few amazing links I found this week…

College Football Hotties 2009 – Volume 5 (needs no further introduction) [Big Papa Daddy’s Sports Rag]

Sports Illustrated’s cheerleader of the week from Minnesota…she’s a looker:  []

The Alabama fan missing a pinky finger has been all over the internet this week.  I can’t decide if it’s wrong or not…you decide for me! [Friends of the Program]

If you ever want to be That Fan of the Month, take a page out of these fans’ book: [Sports by Brooks]

The University of Arizona did an ‘Undie run’.  Why don’t I live there? [AZ Daily Wildcat]

A little discussion on arenas built with the fan’s taxpayer money:  [Sports Fans Coalition]

What terrible football organization will you be protesting this week?  [Deadspin]

This is not the way to treat a fan of the first place Cincinnati Bengals! [No Guts, No Glory]

College Football Super Fans:  Week 10 []

The Brent Musburger drinking game! []


Thursday That Fan Link Dump…Check ’em Out

November 5, 2009

From time to time I’ll pass along some links that I think are related to Fandom that I think are a good read.  Let me know what you guys think!

Despite Cold Weather, Paternovillers Going Strong For PSU-OSU Game [Bleacher Report]

Apparently the Terrelle Cryer shirt I mentioned yesterday is being “recalled”.  Yea, I bet they are really getting returned quickly (no, not really).  [Daily Collegian]

Another dose of Jenn Brown (I thought the whole Jenn Brown thing would start getting old, but from the search queries that lead people to That Fan, it is only gaining steam).  At the 1:49 mark she talks about herself.  [ESPNU Roadtrip]

Great Redskins sign if you understand the Bingo storyline.  [The Big Picture]

I don’t know what this guy at the Utah game was on, but he is not That Fan.  [The Wiz of Odds]

The 15 best man caves on the internet (keep this one in mind readers…I am going to start doing stories on the best man caves and team shrines).  [The Bro Bible]

SI’s cheerleader of the week.  Here’s a hint, she’s from Duke and isn’t really that hot.  [Sports Illustrated]

Insane Ohio State creation.  [YouTube]