Amazing Job By These Maryland Fans!

October 11, 2009

One of the core purposes of this blog is to discuss each and every aspect of being a sports fan.  Usually the articles will deal with how fans can impact the outcome of games or articles showcasing a fan going all out and being That Fan.  This post is about neither, but it does display just how awesome a group of fans can be when acting together as one.

Check out this video from…big kudos goes out to the Maryland basketball fans!


Sorry SPIKE, We Don’t Agree!

October 10, 2009

Spike TV is a solid channel 99% of the time.  With shows like The Ultimate Fighter and Pros vs. Joes, how could you go wrong?  Well don’t ask me but they sure found a way to get called out by That Fan!  A recent article ranks the top 10 teams with the most annoying fans…the funny thing is, I could have put this same list together under the title “Top 10 Teams With the Best Fans”.  I’ll let you be the judge…click HERE for the list.

Duke fans made the list?  I mean come on, those guys have the best student section in college basketball and are the root of what this website is all about.  This site supports the fan that goes above the norm and makes people say “Hey, look at that fan!”  Well in the case of the Cameron Crazies, it should be “Hey, look at those fans!”

And Raider Nation?  Come on, those guys haven’t had a winning season in years and they have Bernie from Weekend at Bernies as an owner.  For those fans to still come out every week like they do, they deserve some praise in my book.

I dare you to tell this guy he isn't "That Fan"

I dare you to tell this Raider fan he isn't "That Fan"

And soccer fans?  Wow, those guys kill other fans just for wearing the other team’s colors!

The Cubs?  I’ve been to Wrigley several times and those fans would do anything for a Cubbies World Series…well, all but one:

What do you think?