More of ESPN’s Jenn Brown

Judging by the looks of the search queries that led new visitors to my blog the past couple days, Jenn Brown is a big reason many of you stumbled here.  Speaking of stumbling, I just happened to stumble across Jenn’s Twitter profile:  @JennBrown12 (thank me later…better yet, you can thank me by getting Jenn to give That Fan a shot-out via Twitter).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Erin Andrews guy (okay so is just about every other male on this planet), but Jenn is starting to look like the next big thing at ESPN.  Just a few more shots to help your judgement…let me know what you think:

Jenn in the Ole Miss locker room

Jenn in the Ole Miss locker room

Jenn in the Alabama locker room

Jenn in the Alabama locker room

Jenn outside The Swamp

Jenn outside The Swamp

Rock the vote!


3 Responses to More of ESPN’s Jenn Brown

  1. JDs Daddy says:

    just thought I would check in on your new venture…I think that I better only check in on this one at my home computer though!

  2. […] State flags on Gameday every week of the season so far.  2)  Unfortunately there was no Jenn Brown this week.  3)  The celebrity guest picker this week was former BYU football coach (and stadium […]

  3. […] two Washington State flags like I have every week so far considering how close you are to Oregon.  Jenn Brown is supposedly going to be on Gameday this week.  Lastly, my “team of choice” (who […]

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