Saturday Morning Link Dump…Check ’em Out

Just a few amazing links I found this week…

College Football Hotties 2009 – Volume 5 (needs no further introduction) [Big Papa Daddy’s Sports Rag]

Sports Illustrated’s cheerleader of the week from Minnesota…she’s a looker:  []

The Alabama fan missing a pinky finger has been all over the internet this week.  I can’t decide if it’s wrong or not…you decide for me! [Friends of the Program]

If you ever want to be That Fan of the Month, take a page out of these fans’ book: [Sports by Brooks]

The University of Arizona did an ‘Undie run’.  Why don’t I live there? [AZ Daily Wildcat]

A little discussion on arenas built with the fan’s taxpayer money:  [Sports Fans Coalition]

What terrible football organization will you be protesting this week?  [Deadspin]

This is not the way to treat a fan of the first place Cincinnati Bengals! [No Guts, No Glory]

College Football Super Fans:  Week 10 []

The Brent Musburger drinking game! []


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