College Gameday in Eugene Oregon This Week

ESPN’s College Gameday will be held in Eugene, Oregon this week at the site of the big-time match-up between USC and Oregon.  The broadcast will be done at Autzen Stadium, the site of this week’s game between the two top-10 ranked PAC-10 teams.

Gameday has visited Eugene twice before:

9/29/07:  #6 California beat #11 Oregon 31-24

11/3/07:  #4 Oregon beat #6 Arizona State 35-24

Shortly thereafter I will have pictures up of the best signs throughout the broadcast so be sure to stop by the blog and check them out.  Saturday is also Halloween so if there are any interesting costumes I will try and post pictures of those as well.  If you will be at Gameday in Oregon, please send me pictures of signs and/or costumes and I will be sure to post them and give you credit.  I will also be holding a contest for any fan that can give That Fan a shot-out on a sign this weekend. More details to come this week!



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