ESPN College Gameday at TCU This Week

ESPN’s College Gameday will be held in Fort Worth this week at the site of the match-up between TCU and Utah.  I was extremely pumped when I heard this; not because I’m a TCU fan or because I think they will have the best signs all year (not saying they couldn’t either), but because I finally get to post a TCU picture that I’ve been trying to find a reason to post (see below).  This is a huge game with BCS implications and marks the first time a Gameday broadcast has been to TCU.  Another interesting fact:  Gameday has been to three Mountain West Conference schools the past four weeks (BYU, Air Force, TCU). 

My team of choice (as I’ve previously said, they haven’t shown enough on the field this year for me to reveal who they are yet) plays an early afternoon game so signs will have to come Saturday evening, so be sure to stop by the blog and check them out.  If you will be at Gameday this weekend, please send me pictures of signs and I will be sure to post them and give you credit.  I will also be holding another contest similar to the contest ran last week for any fan that can give That Fan a shot-out on a sign this weekend.  Can’t make it to Fort Worth?  Make your own sign and send it to me so I can post them (click here for more details)!



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