College Football Attendance – Week 9

Here are the top 5 stadium attendance figures from college football this past weekend (home team listed first):

1)  Ohio State vs. New Mexico:  W, 45-0  (104,719)

2)  Tennessee vs. South Carolina:  W, 31-13  (96,263)

3)  LSU vs. Tulane:  W, 42-0  (92,031)

4)  Auburn vs. Mississippi:  W, 33-20  (84,756)

5)  Florida vs. Georgia:  W, 41-17  (84,604)

If I missed something let me know.  A few things to point out:  1)  This is the fourth week in a row that a Big Ten team has been first on the list.  2)  Most of the ten schools with the largest stadiums were playing away games this week, thus the reason for the lower attendance totals compared to the last several weeks.  3)  Four of the top five were SEC teams…is there any doubt that they love their football down there?  4)  The Florida/Georgia game wasn’t at UF, rather it was in their usual neutral site of Jacksonville.  Congrats to the Buckeyes!



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