ESPN College Gameday Signs (10/31/09)

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This week’s edition of ESPN College Gameday was in Oregon for the USC/Oregon game, and the crowd definitely did not disappoint.  The show started at 7am PT and there might have been more fans at that time than any other broadcast this year; amazing considering it was still dark outside.  The only bad thing about having such a large crowd was that there were a ton of signs that couldn’t really be viewed well on TV because they were so far back in the crowd.

A few observations from this week:  1)  Again, I saw two Washington State flags (one maroon, one white) in the crowd.  Big shot out to their fans because I haven’t seen one episode this year where there weren’t two WSU flags, and I haven’t seen any other schools with that kind of support.  2)  Phil Knight, CEO of Nike and big Oregon booster was the guest picker, and surprise surprise, he picked the Ducks.  3)  Jenn Brown was back and she is still drop dead gorgeous (more on this later).  4)  No one won this week’s That Fan contest, so we will try again next week.  5)  I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but there was a sign advertising the website  Figured I’d help them get the word out.  Now onto the signs I could get (it was still dark out for the first hour of the show, so some of the pictures won’t be great quality):

First I want to provide a couple that have some sayings made popular by my favorite NFL wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco.  Chad was an Oregon State Beaver so it’s good to see him getting some love from the Oregon crowd:


"Child Please"


"Kiss The Baby"

Lee Corso’s illegitimate son made the trip to Eugene:


"Lee Corso Is My Father"

I take back what I said earlier about the Oregon crowd showing Oregon State love:


"Gameday Visits: Eugene - 4, Corvallis - 0"

This next sign offers a spin on Charles Barkley’s TV show with Hank Haney, The Haney Project:


"Not even The Haney Project can save this Barkley's game!"

It wouldn’t be Oregon with out references to getting “Ducked Up””


"Mom, I'm ducked up on quack"


"USC Get Ducked Up!!"

What are the odds this guy was drunk?:


"I Love Scotch"

I’m not sure who Superman is on this sign but my guess is either Dwight Howard or Desmond Howard (in case you have no clue what this sign means, its a play on the Soulja Boy song):


"Superman that O"

This one isn’t a sign and you could barely see it, but apparently someone be-headed a Trojan and brought the bloody head on a stake:


Not a sign, but a bloddy Trojan head on a stick

This one needs no introduction:



Not sure of the point, but if you really want to do it then be my guest:


"We'll pee on USC"

Matt Barkley, you should be ashamed of yourself!:


"Matt Barkley reads Twilight"

What would a College Gameday held at a stadium playing against USC be without some good-natured Trojan/condom humor?:


"Trojans R Just Holloweeners"

This next one references Oregon’s Ed Dickson:


"Trojans can't handle our DICKson"


"Trojans have leaky defense"


"E.S.P.N. - Wet Ducks Prefer Magnums"


"Trojans: We use them once then throw them away!"


"Trojans break at Autzen"

Probably my personal favorite for funniest sign of the week:


"Warning: Trojans ineffective against the spread of-fense...and crabs!"

That’s all for the signs this week.  Be sure to check back today or tomorrow for the poll to vote for your favorite sign of the week.  I’ll put together a survey at the end of the year for people to select the  best sign of the year.  If you didn’t vote for last week’s sign yet, you can do so HERE.

Did anyone see when Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was walking through the crowd with the duck mascot head on?  When he took it off, the guy next to him tried to kiss him.  Oregon fans, if you know this guy, please let him know this wasn’t what Chad Ochocinco meant by “Kiss the Baby”:


Quality football coaches are great, but not THAT great...

Jenn Brown did make an appearance on College Gameday this week.  She did a great segment that talks about how Matt Barkley handles crowd noise at away games (which I did a similar feature on).  Click HERE to see her segment.  Here are a few pictures of her enjoying her time at the stadium:


Pre-game on the field


Interviewing USC head coach Pete Carroll


On the field for pregame stretches


With the Oregon cheerleaders

Lastly, here is the video of Lee Corso picking Oregon to beat USC.  Pay special attention to the guy on his right as he gets onto the motorcycle…he is emphatically excited about throwing the shocker symbol.


10 Responses to ESPN College Gameday Signs (10/31/09)

  1. Jeremy Reynolds says:

    Almost as “emphatically excited” as I was to throw the shocker in a pic with Phil Night..

  2. feigningenius says:

    Nice job capturing the signs! Truly an epic match! Go Ducks!!!!

  3. Sam says:

    the washington state flags have been showing up for about 3 years now. some graduate of wash. st. started it and he ships the flags off to graduates or friends who live near where College Gameday is going to be at.

    there was a story on it last year on Gameday.

    but awesome sign finding!

  4. Tanner says:

    Yup…there’s my sign —> “Mom, I’m all ducked up on quack”

    • thatfan says:

      Very nice! Do you have any better quality pictures of you holding the sign? I’ll post them if so. Your sign is currently tied for 3rd place in the Best Gameday Sign for 10/31 contest. Not sure if that will make it to the year-end finals yet!

      • Tanner says:

        I don’t have day of photos of me other than the ones people have already posted but the sign is in the back of my Celica still and I can take some better pics of it and post the photobucket link tomorrow

  5. I have been reading your posts lately, just want to say thanks for all informative stuff i have found here, helped me learn alot lately.

    Much Regards, Mark

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