College Gameday Contest & Notes

I mentioned earlier this week that College Gameday was going to be held in Eugene, Oregon, and that I would be holding my first official That Fan contest.  Basically what I’m asking is for someone who is going to be in the crowd to get That Fan some pub on a sign.  It doesn’t have to be on a sign all to its own, so you can do your sign making fun of USC (I’m assuming that there will be mostly Oregon fans there) and throw “That Fan” somewhere on the sign.  Better yet, make it large and throw it on the back of the sign.  I know, I know, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, if I can see the sign on TV for even just a few seconds, I’ll give you a $25 gift card to anywhere of your choice.  If the sign gets major airtime, I’ll up it to $50.  If it is a particularly good sign I’ll just send you the money via PayPal.  You will also get MAJOR pub on this site of course!  That might not sound like much but considering I’m funding this out of my own wallet, and assuming you are more than likely a college student, its drinking money you didn’t have previously.  How do you claim your prize?  Send me a picture of you holding your sign, and I will compare it to the sign I saw on TV to make sure it is the same sign.  Easy as that.  **Just an FYI, if a miracle occurs and I see 20 signs showing up on the broadcast, I reserve my right to provide gift cards only to the best signs!**  Examples for your sign, although I encourage creativity:  “I AM THAT FAN”, “THATFAN.COM”, “”, etc.  By the way, I will run this contest every week going forward so if your school is hosting Gameday in the future, keep checking the site for details.

Enough about the contest for now.  Duck fans, if you are wondering where Gameday will be filmed, it will be at the Casanova Center parking lot that is parallel to Martin Luther King Blvd. and north of the Casanova Center.  The show airs at 7 a.m. (PDT) and the gates are expected to open to spectators & That Fan contest winners at 5:30 a.m.  More details can be found HERE.

Being that Oregon has been the topic at hand, I wanted to post a fantastic article talking about Oregon’s homefield advantage at Autzen Stadium.  This only gives further credibility to the post I wrote several days back about the importance of making noise at football games.  You can read the ESPN article HERE.

I’ve heard rumors that Oregon is telling everyone to wear black for Halloween, thus making the game an official black-out game.  Might want to be careful, blackouts haven’t gone so well this year!  Can any Oregon fans confirm?

A few final notes:  I hope to see at least two Washington State flags like I have every week so far considering how close you are to Oregon.  Jenn Brown is supposedly going to be on Gameday this week.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite signs from last week’s Gameday at BYU!  Lastly, my “team of choice” (who will continue to remain nameless until they prove on the field that they deserve the publicity) has a game at 3:30pm ET, so I may not get the signs up until that night, but I’ll do my best to get them up as soon as Gameday is over!


Will Oregon Black-out USC?


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