Color-out Project Update

I’ve made a few updates to my log of 2009 color-out games.  Thanks to reader Asloan23 for making me aware of the UC/Fresno State whiteout game now shown below…I’ve also updated the Ole Miss blue-out game.  I don’t know of any color-out games on the schedule for this week.  Readers:  please leave a comment with any that I am missing, including prior years and upcoming games.

2009 Total:  5 wins, 7 losses (292 points for, 282 points against)

White outs:  4 wins, 4 losses (235 points for vs. 176 points against)

9/10/09:  Georgia Tech vs. Clemson:  W, 30-27

9/12/09:  Virginia Tech vs. Marshall:  W, 52-10

9/12/09:  Boise State vs. Miami (OH):  W, 48-0

9/18/09:  Fresno State vs. Boise State:  L, 51-34

9/26/09:  Mississippi State vs. LSU:  L, 30-26

9/26/09:  Florida State vs. South Florida:  L, 17-7

9/26/09:  Penn State vs. Iowa:  L, 21-10 (PSU ranked#5)

9/26/09:  Cincinnati vs. Fresno State:  W, 28-20

Black outs: 1 win, 2 losses (54 points for, 84 points against)

9/12/09:  Middle Tennessee State vs. Memphis:  W, 31-14

9/12/09:  Western Kentucky vs. South Florida:  L, 35-13

10/2/09:  Louisville vs. Pitt:  L, 35-10

10/31/09:  Kentucky vs. Mississippi State:  N/A

11/21/09:  Missouri vs. Iowa State:  N/A

Blue outs:  0 wins, 1 loss (3 points for, 22 points against)

10/10/09:  Ole Miss vs. Alabama:  L, 22-3

I’m going to start including pictures of the additions to the list.  I’m only going to provide pictures of the UC/Fresno State white-out game because the fans at the Ole Miss blue-out must have lost the memo.  I’m disappointed in the Ole Miss crowd, so if there are any Mississippi fans reading, you must provide reasons to redeem yourself (hint:  cheerleader pictures are always good).

Gotta Love the White-out Support

Gotta Love the White-out Support

White Bodypaint Beats White Shirts Every Time

White Bodypaint Beats White Shirts Every Time

Stadium Shot

Stadium Shot


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  1. […] black for Halloween, thus making the game an official black-out game.  Might want to be careful, blackouts haven’t gone so well this year!  Can any Oregon fans […]

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