Cast Your Vote for the M.O.Y.

No, I’m not talking Man of the Year, I’m talking Mascot of the Year!  I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials all year, mostly around the New Year’s bowl games.  Capital One does a pretty good job with this contest every year, and you can cast your vote HERE.  As of this post it looks like the University of Oklahoma’s “Boomer” is in the lead.

Last year’s winner was “Cy” from Iowa State.  Other past winners:

2007:  University of Akron’s “Zippy the Kangaroo”

2006:  Washington State’s “Butch T. Cougar”

2005:  University of Nebraska’s “Herbie the Husker”

2004:  University of Montana’s “Monte” (2-time winner)

2003:  University of South Carolina’s “Cocky”

2002:  University of Montana’s “Monte” (2-time winner)

Who will you choose?  Leave a comment and let me know!

WKU's "Big Red"

WKU's "Big Red"


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